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Present Initiatives

What We Do

As a leader for our cause and in the community, we offer programs and services to raise awareness and make a difference for our mission. These current bills may be at different stages of the process. Check the hyperlinks to monitor bills you are interested in. If you feel the need to reach out to the legislative body, we are happy to help you formulate effective communication, we do it every day!

2022 Nebraska Sportsmen's Foundation Priority Bills (Support)

  • This bill creates a procedure for adjacent landowners to waive their objection to an unmanaged colony.

  • Adopt the Resilient Soils and Water Quality Act and state intent regarding appropriations

  • Amends the open burning statutes to provide a limitation on liability for land management burns which are conducted according to a permit issued by a local fire department.

  • Revive the Trail Development Assistance Act and state intent to transfer funds.

  • Provide powers and duties relating to the treatment of dredged and fill material under the Environmental Protection Act.

  • Adopt the Recreation Area Assistance Act and state intent regarding appropriation of federal funds.

2022 Nebraska Sportsmen's Foundation Bills (Oppose)

  • Redefine immediate family for purposes of obtaining limited permits for deer, antelope, wild turkey, or elk.

  • Provide a requirement for state officials and state employees testifying before the Legislature.

  • Change provisions relating to conservation or preservation easements and property tax exemptions relating to such easements.

2022 Nebraska Sportsmen's Foundation Bills (Neutral)

  • Require the Game and Parks Commission to provide certain organ and tissue donation information on applications for certain hunting and fishing permits

  • Change provisions relating to the regulation and operation of all-terrain vehicles and utility-type vehicles