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Past Initiatives

What We Do

By all mean this section isn't to show every activity we participate in, however these are some of the biggest victories for the cause!

Multiple Mountain Lion Bills

Over the past several years we have fought to protect the right to harvest Mountain Lions in the State of Nebraska. Sen. Chambers has introduced legislation in three separate bills not counting the bill on the books for this session. We will continue to represent our members and the entire sportsmen's community in this state. 

Hunters Helping the Hungry

Check out this awesome video featuring out Executive Director, Scott Smathers talking about the Hunters Helping the Hungry inititive! 

LR 40ca

LR 40 ca was passed by the Nebraska Legislature on March 27,th 2012. The resolution adds the right of citizens to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife by the use of traditional methods. Click the link below to read all about it!

LR 40ca language.