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Nebraska Sportsmen's Foundation Legislative Record for 2011 Through 2016

In six years, the NSF has spent 364 out of 447of the legislative days in session working at the capitol on your behalf. We have won positive legislation on 91 bills out of 192.

As a leader for our cause and in the community, we offer programs and services to raise awareness and make a difference for our mission. These current bills may be at different stages of the process. Check the hyperlinks to monitor bills you are interested in. If you feel the need to reach out to the legislative body, we are happy to help you formulate effective communication, we do it every day!

2017 Nebraska Sportsmen's Foundation Priority Bills

  • Change provisions relating to mowing of weeds along roads: This bill would allow habitat to take form and hold wild game birds, song birds, and increase the population of pollinators. Introduced by Sen. Friesen.

  • Adopt the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact: This legislation would include Nebraska in the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact which we are not a part of at this time. Introduced by the Natural Resources Committee.

  • Change certain violations and penalties under the Game Law: This bill adjusts penalties for violations of current game laws. Introduced by Sen. Bostelman.

  • Prohibit interference with hunting, trapping, or fishing by intimidation using a telephone or other communication device: This bill revises current interference laws. Introduced by Sen. Bostelman.

  • Prohibit disclosure of information relating to firearm owners and concealed carry permitholders: This bill speaks for itself. Introduced by Sen. Bostelman.

  • Prohibit certain regulation of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories by counties, cities, and villages as prescribed: Introduced by Sen. Hilgers

Current Opposed Bills

  • Eliminate provisions relating to the hunting of mountain lions: This is our 4th round with this bill. It has been defeated the past three attempts however still needs attention. Introduced by Sen. Chambers.

  • Change a duty of landowners relating to the frequency of mowing roadside weeds: This bill is contrary to LB 584. Introduced by Sen. Schumacher.